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Bolt Action: Campaign: The Road to Berlin

As the Allies advance towards Germany, they face dogged resistance from the hard-pressed German forces. Take command of the Allies in their final push to end the war in Europe, or hold fast as the German defenders as the fight is brought to your door. This new Campaign Book for Bolt Action offers new linked scenarios, rules, troop types and Theatre Selectors, and provides plenty of options for novice and veteran players alike.... more info


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Titan Dice

You are the Titans! As sons and daughters of Gaia you are giant deities of incredible strength and the supreme rulers of the legendary Golden Age. Once imprisoned by the Olympians, you have escaped and must now prepare for all out war. Though unified in this goal, your sibling rivalry is stronger than ever and you strive to flex your power. To prove your dominance, you must gather mighty beasts to build your army.... more info

SKU: FDD102102

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Tara Wolf in the Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings is a self contained, 2 player competitive card game set at the end of the 1920's in Egypt. The time when Lord Caravon and Howard Carter unearthed the true grave of Tutankhamun. Inspired by the rich background of classical pulp action movies, you get to become the explorer of your choice, battling your opponent and the restless Undead. Recruit allies, set traps, take the treasure and become the hero in your own adventure!... more info


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2017 Bowman Chrome Mini Sets Baseball

Product Configuration: 273 cards and three (3) ten-card Refractor packs, 8 sets per caseBOX BREAK: Commemorate the unforgettable 2017 baseball card class with the Bowman® Chrome Baseball Mini Complete Set. Each mini-sized set will include players featured in 2017 Bowman and Bowman Chrome Baseball! This must-have collectible will also include 3 bonus packs of 10 exclusive refractor parallel cards!... more info


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Ariad- Intel Spec-ops

Infinity Spec-Ops have no troop profile in the Army Lists, however they are the perfect proxies to use in official Infinity tournaments. Infinity Spec-Ops have been created to use the Experience Rules in the Infinity Campaign System (ICS), which you will find in the upcoming "Infinity Campaign: Paradiso" book. Customize your trooper and improve it thanks to the experience acquired from the missions you play... more info

SKU: CBG280187-0640

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Pano- Jeanne D'arc

Jeanne d’Arc is a charismatic leader who will lead your Military Orders sectorial army to Victory... more info

SKU: CBG280295-0672

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Yujing- Hac Tao Spec Unit

This is a repackaging of individual products into a single product. It is a blister with two miniatures that includes one Hac Tao with HMG and one Hac Tao Hacker.... more info

SKU: CBG280397-0682

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Haqq- Hassassin Muyibs

This box includes four miniatures: one Muyib with Heavy Rocket Launcher, one Muyib with Spitfire, one Muyib Doctor Plus, and one Muyib Minelayer. This box is a great way to create a Fireteam of Muyibs and to complement the Hassassin Bahram Sectorial Starter Pack... more info

SKU: CBG280490-0665

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Combi- Avatar

This box includes two miniatures: one Avatar, the frightening EI TAG, and the Staldron Remote Ancillary Unit, the Avatar Remote Pilot.... more info

SKU: CBG280686-0681

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Merc- Joe "scarface" Tag Pilot

During the Union Revolts of the Jupiter-Pluto circuit, Joe defeated an O-Yoroi in close combat, which split the facial plate of his TAG with its sword. Proud of his victory, he never repaired that cut, which he wears as a trophy—a decoration of courage that coined the nickname for which he is known in the mercenary world: Scarface... more info

SKU: CBG280725-0666

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2017 Tristar Gameday Greats Jerseys

5 Autographed Jerseys per case, 1 Autographed Jersey per box. More than 250 unique autographed Jerseys! Find Multi Signed Jerseys! Each case guarantees 1 Hall of Famer, 2 Current Stars, & 2 Football Favorites!... more info


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2017/18 Panini Ascension Basketball

Product Configuration: 5 cards per pack, 12 packs per box, 12 boxes per caseBOX BREAK: 1 autograph, 2 rookies, 2 rookie variations, 5 inserts per box, on average!Introducing Ascension: One of the most distinct and colorful sets to hit the hobby, featuring autographs of the 2017-18 Rookie Class and only the top veterans in the NBA today! Rookie Ascent combines color, micro-etching, and on-card autographs for a 1990's feel with a modern flare! Rookies showcase the top 40 players selected in the 2017 NBA Draft! Look for colorful inserts featuring holographic accents, eye-catching designs and unique die cuts!... more info


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2017 Panini National Treasures Racing

Product Configuration: 8 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 4 boxes per caseBOX BREAK: 1 booklet, 2 autographs, 3 memorabilia, 2 auto/mem cards, per box, on average!Look for 8 Hits per box! Find unique Signed Jumbo Patch Booklet cards, featuring full-size associate sponsors, Series Sponsors, Can Manufacturers and more. Look for multi-swatch cards, featuring up to six pieces of race-used material, including signed versions. All new for 2017, the base cards will feature a swatch of race-used material.... more info


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2017 Panini Chronicles Baseball

Product Configuration: 5 cards per pack, 12 packs per box, 16 boxes per caseBOX BREAK: 4 autographs or memorabilia and 8 numbered cards!Look for up to 7 different rookie cards of the hottest players of the 2017 rookie class, including Chronicles Rookies, Donruss Rated Rookies, Contenders Rookie Ticket, Prizm, Spectra Rookie Jersey Autographs, Gold Standard Rookie Jersey Autographs and Absolute Rookies. Each box will deliver a variety of inserts and parallels from up to 7 different programs for a unique collecting experience. Find 8 numbered base or parallel cards per box on average. Mickey Mantle will be featured in the following sets: Chronicles Base, Chronicles Swatches, Prizm, Triple Threat Materials, Gold Standard Base, Tools of the Trade Double/Triple/Quad/Five. Look... more info


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2017 Panini Illusions Football

Product Configuration: 5 cards per pack, 10 packs per box, 8 boxes per inner, 2 inners per caseBOX BREAK: 1 autographed memorabilia card, 2 autographed cards, 2 memorabilia cards, 5 inserts, 1 silver-wrapped parallel box topper card.New for 2017, Illusions Football morphs the past with the present! Illusions takes you back to the 1990s and 2000s while also taking advantage of new technology to bring collectors a one-of-a-kind product. Each box will include 1 autographed memorabilia card, 2 autographs, 2 memorabilia cards, and 1 silver-wrapped card (base parallels can only be found in the silver packs). Look for dual-signed cards from: Rookie Dual Signs, Rookie Reflection Dual Autographs, and Mirror Dual Signatures. Other autographs include: First Impressions Memorabilia Autographs, Rookie... more info


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The Master Trials

The legend says that in a time of grave danger, masters of the elemental orders will leave their ancestral retreats and join forces to restore peace to the world. From the once-dormant Tekirin volcano the vengeful Magmaroth has emerged. Born of earth and fire, its goal is to mold the world to its image: primal and ruthless. The time is now for the masters to face their destiny. In The Masters’ Trials: Wrath of Magmaroth , players each represent one of the masters from the orders that have banded together to face the evil elemental. Build your own character, roll and move dice to use the powerful techniques you have mastered and work in concert with the other players so you... more info

SKU: AEG7005

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Valerian: The Alpha Missions

The Valerian board game is what is known as a "co-op" game. This means that the players all work together to accomplish their goal, while the game itself works to stop you. You're not competing against the other players, you're working with them. You'll make plans and test strategies as you explore the board and try to evade capture – you'll all win or lose together! Unlike other games using cards, you don't keep your cards secret from other players. Whenever you get a card, place it face up in front of you so everyone can see it. Brainstorming plans for your turn with other players is a huge part of the game, but in the end it's up to you... more info

SKU: UPE10205

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Harvest Dice

In this clever family-friendly game, players are competing to be the best farmers they can be. On each turn, veggie dice are rolled and the farmers take their turns picking from heads of lettuce, plump tomatoes and crisp carrots to add to their farm plot. Anything that can't be planted gets fed straight to your pet pig.... more info

SKU: GFG96744

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In Blade Runner 2049: Nexus Protocol, detectives, citizens, and Deckard compete to figure out who is a replicant posing as a human. They know that one of them is a replicant, and not even the replicant knows who.In this deduction game, you will use your influence to meet contacts, gather information, and reveal evidence, to identify the replicant. If you discover that you are the replicant you’ll have to scramble to conceal your identity and avoid early retirement.Will you find the replicant, or will you be retired?Contents:63 Cards7 Standees1 Rules booklet... more info

SKU: WZK72414

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