Weiss Schwarz BanG Dream Trial Deck+

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The members of Poppin'Party debuts in the English edition of Weiss Schwarz!

BanG Dream! anime airs from January 2017!!

Join the world of Weiss Schwarz with Kasumi and her friends in her journey to find the "Star Beat" today!!!!

Product Features:
5 Types of Character Sign cards included!
(Please note that they are not voice actress signs)
One type of Character Sign card will be inserted randomly into each deck!

On top of that, 1 SP Gold Foil/Hot Stamp signed card from the following BanG Dream! voice actress is randomly inserted in decks!!
Kasumi Toyama : Aimi

Product Specifications:
Pre-constructed Trial Deck+
-Same content for each deck.
50 cards per deck
6 decks per display
8 displays per carton
Rule sheet, deck manual, playbook, and playmat included.
-Weiss Schwarz English Edition does not include gold/silver campaign coupon.
-English and Japanese edition cards may be played together in tournament formats (Excluding Japan). However, language restriction may apply in major tournament formats.
-English edition cards cannot be used in official tournaments that are held within Japan.

6 decks per display. 8 displays per carton

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