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Star Trek Deck Building Game Expansion Next Phase

You are the captain of a small Starship with a standard crew and basic weaponry. Will you use your crews experience to improve your ships systems or to recruit more experienced crewmen to your ship? Will you form diplomatic relationships or conquer civilizations in battle? Build your deck and explore the Star Trek universe. Play these different scenarios or create your own. Explore the universe, interact with alien races, complete missions and experience the mysteries of space. Gain knowledge and power to become a legendary Captain. Reunification - Team up and determine if you are in favor of peace or war in the Alpha Quadrant. What will be the future of the Federation? Borg Invasion II - "I am the Borg".... more info


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Star Trek Deck Building Game: The Original Series by Bandai

The Original Series makes its debut in the Star Trek Deck Building Game! The set greatly reduces the number and type of events to reduce the randomness of space so players can control their outcomes better. Features the new Handheld Mechanic and has a set of Draft Missions that give players something to plan for from the very start. Features a new Exploration Scenario and Infection Scenario!... more info


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Uncharted Board Game

The mysteries of the past unlock in the Uncharted Board Game, where you and up to 3 other friends compete to find treasure, defeat the competition, and ultimately succeed where others before you have failed. Will you fall victim to a trap set hundreds of years ago, or hold the power to shape the world itself? The choice is yours, but one misstep could spell the end of your adventuring career…permanently. Remember, among thieves and adventurers alike, there are no rules. Game contents: game manual and 190 cards; game board; and tokens.... more info


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