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Corrupted Kingdoms Base Game

Corrupted Kingdoms tells the story of an idyllic fantasy world whose government is tainted by the greed of monstrous corporations that you control. Bend the fair realm's leaders to your will. Recruit hoards of evil minions including zombies, goblins, golems, and devils by taking favors from special interest groups. Leverage your resources to wrest control of the kingdom's Senate from your competitors. Pass ridiculous bills to fill your coffers and cater to your patrons. Use your ill-gotten gains to indulge in the guiltiest of pleasures because whoever ends the game with the best loot wins!... more info

SKU: AAX11001

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Tesla vs Edison

Compete to dominate the early electric light and power industry Play as one of five genius inventors: Tesla, Edison, Brush, Maxim, andThomson Hire other renowned luminaries to help you expand your empire Advance key technologies, claim celebrated electric projects, wage PR battles, and trade on the dynamic stock market to victory Variable power worker placement game with each luminary and inventor uniquely rated in Invention, Manufacturing, Finance, and Propaganda. This creates a rich collection of characters who each perform differently in various contexts and provides great replay value. Modern Euro-design promotes streamlined play time of ~20 minutes/player.... more info

SKU: AAX1001

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The New Science

Take your part as one of the finest minds the Scientific Revolution Play as one of five legendary scientists: Newton, Galileo, Kepler, Kircher, and Leibniz Research, Experiment, and Publish discoveries in your quest for Prestige Peddle influence, manage energy levels, and strive to be the first President of the Royal Society thematic happenings make each game "spicy" and unique Worker placement meets tech tree Easily scales up and down between 2 and 5 players Approachable for teens, challenging for serious gamers Modern Euro-design promotes streamlined play time of ~20 minutes/player... more info

SKU: AAX2001

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