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Accordland: The World Atlas by Alderac Entertainment

"Control the past and you will command the future!" The Warlords of the Accordlands Role-Playing Game's World Atlas gives DMs and players everything they need to explore the world of Warlord: Saga of the Storm. It's all in this single volume: the world setting, its religions and its bizarre magic. Countless maps and NPCs have been detailed in this massive volume to bring both players and DMs into the Accordlands with an enhanced role-playing experience. No detail is omitted! (288 pages, full color, hardbound) Countless Maps. Detailed history of the World of Warlord: Saga of the Storm. Endless stats for various NPCs. Major Artifacts and Magical Items. "Adventure Seeds" to throw players right into the action. A complete reference guide designed... more info

SKU: AEG9102

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Accordlands RPG: Monsters & Lairs by Alderac Entertainment

Without Conflict, There are no Heroes...The Accordlands are a dangerous place to journey alone. From forests teeming with undead abominations, to wastelands crawling with monstrous beings born of nightmare, an adventurer must be ready for deadly encounters at any turn. Chaotic Abyssals crawl from the depths of the earth, ancient dragons swell in remote locations, and all manner of strange and fantastic creatures stalk the land. The monsters in this book provide a Dungeon Master with everything he needs to make his player' campaign anything but easy. Many of the most common and bizarre monsters of the Accordlands are detailed within, from the common Brine Fiend to the might Qor-Teth. Will your players remain on the surface, delve deep into the... more info

SKU: AEG9103

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Accordlands RPG: The Campaign Adventure Book by Alderac Entertinment

The Accordlands are held hostage. A secret group of the most deadly and powerful people in the world are hatching their plot to bring the world under their boots. Their plots have spread war and chaos throughout the land, and cost the lives of the most noble. The world has called for heroes, and none that answered the call have survived. Will you be the next to stand up to the challenge? The Campaign Adventure Book gives Dungeon Masters everything they need to run a group of players through one of the greatest chapters in the history of the Accodlands: the epic battle with the Medusan Lords. Through battles with feudal Warlords, to fights with the Medusan's protector the Dragon Lord,... more info

SKU: AEG9104

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Epic PVP Fantasy Expansion 2

What do Halflings, Cat Folk, Clerics and Dark Knights have in common? Well, nothing aside from the fact they're about to enter the arena and help you achieve mastery over your opponents in battle! Each of these new decks is playable on his own but is also compatible with those in Epic PvP: Fantasy and Epic PvP: Fantasy Expansion 1, allowing you to create unique and powerful combinations for your battles.... more info

SKU: AEG6203

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Legend of the Five Rings RPG: Secrets of the Empire

Consumed with there are with their own affairs and agendas, the Great Clans of Brogan rarely pay attention to the goings on of the other groups that share the Empire with them. The Minor Clans, ronin, the Brotherhood of Shinsei, and even the Imperial families themselves are often overlooked in the schemes of the Great Clans, and often to the detriment of those who fail to take them into account.... more info

SKU: AEG3314

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