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Against the Dark: The Transylvanian Tribunal RPG by Atlas Games

Between two empires is a land of high mountains and dark forests, of great rivers and fertile plains. The richest king in Mythic Europe rules Hungary, but his nobles are restless and the Teutonic Knights he invited to guard his borders want no overlord. Other small kingdoms play east and west against each other, tolerating heresy in their search for freedom. The mountains are the home of countless dragons, and vampires stalk the peasants in their villages. To the east, a greater storm gathers. This is the Transylvanian Tribunal. One force brings light to the darkness. Here, where a lord need not swear fealty for his land, the magi of the Order of Hermes may rule openly without violating the Code.... more info

SKU: ATG0302

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Ars Magic RPG: Lord of Men

This book contains complete rules and background for the nobility of Mythic Europe, ranging from the details of their lands to their entertainments, political struggles, and dealings with the Order of Hermes. And, of course, it presents special rules for combat, whether at a tournament or during a desperate siege. It also describes the hard lives of the peasants, who make the rich existence of the nobility possible by providing the food at their feasts, the labor for their buildings, and the soldiers in their armies.... more info

SKU: ATG0293

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Ars Magica 5th Edition Sourcebook of Apocalypse Dies Irae

In Mythic Europe, some wizards serve the terrible powers that ruled the world at the dawn of time, and plot to grant them mastery once more. Others would take everyone to a glorious new existence, careless of whether they want to go. Still more have nothing but the best of intentions, but risk anything to achieve their goals. If they are not stopped, their power will twist and consume the world and all who live in it. Lest All Be Lost This book describes four great threats to Mythic Europe, with stories centered around both attempting to stop the disaster, and surviving the aftermath if the characters fail. These threats go far beyond a single covenant, or even a single Tribunal;... more info

SKU: ATG0314

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Ars magica Lands of the Nile

There was a time when the people of Egypt worshipped animal-headed gods and built mighty tombs at the command of their pharaoh. That time ended 1,500 years ago. Now, Egypt is a Muslim nation, ruled by a sultan from the new city of Cairo. The Guild of Seekers have the sultan's blessing to dig up the land's ancient treasures. To the south, Nubia is a Christian country, protected from the Muslim armies by an ancient treaty. The empire of Ethiopia is resurgent, its Christian ruler inspired by his pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Follow the Nile The lands of the Nile hold some of the oldest cultures in the world, no less vigorous in the medieval period than... more info

SKU: ATG0313

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Hooks Ars Magica Scenario Supplement

Mythic Europe is a place of wonders. Ancient spirits live in the rivers and sleep under towns and cities. Merchants travel between those cities, bringing the mundane population together, while nobles fight and hunt from their castles of stone. The dead do not all rest quietly, and the traces of ancient magics take an active interest in the present day. Yet still magi prefer to sit in their libraries and laboratories, oblivious to everything beyond the walls of their covenant.  Get their attention.  This book contains eight short scenarios for Ars Magica Fifth Edition tied to a previously released Ars Magica sourcebook. Each is designed to be played in a single session, and to draw the characters into some aspect of... more info

SKU: ATG0307

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