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Apollo XIII

NASA's 1970 Apollo XIII mission has captured imaginations for decades due to its unbelievable dangers and even more unbelievable triumphs. Against incredible odds, engineers at NASA overcame disasters of every kind to bring the entire Apollo XIII crew back to Earth safely. Apollo XIII tells the whole story of the mission through a card driven system, which traces the story and features all of the disasters that plagued the mission. The players will need to manage these events if they hope to ensure the survival of the crew and return them to Earth safely.... more info


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Have you ever wondered who you would have been if your life had gone differently? How would you direct your life if everything were up to you? Would you be a world traveler, a magician, or just a lazy bum? CV means curriculum vitae - your resume - and in the dice and card game CV you will lead a character through his entire life, making many choices about friends, relations, jobs and activities. Everything is possible: a dream job, new relationships and skills. You can be whoever you want! Gameplay is built around the Yahtzee style dice rolling and re-rolling system. On their dice, players are trying to roll sets of symbols that allow them to acquire cards, each round these cards... more info


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CV Gossip Expansion

CV:Gossip, an expansionfor the life-building dice game CV, gives players new ways to fight bad luck,even more opportunities to invest in happiness and interactive rumor cards thatwill grant players new goals in life.This expansion enhances gameplaywith 2 new types of cards: gossip and fate. Gossip cards can be played intoopponents' CVs to hinder them. Fate cards are bought with good and bad lucksymbols.... more info


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Warriors, or thinkers? Builders, or scientists? What will your civilization be like? In CVlizations, you will lead a tribe. You will strive to amaze the world with your achievements and lead your people to happiness! Anticipate opponents' moves, bluff, and gain happiness points. Will your tribe become the happiest in the history of mankind?... more info


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The peaceful kingdom of Mythe is suddenly raided by the evil red dragon and his monster companions! The red dragon has taken away the golden Sacred Cheese, the symbol of the kingdom's prosperity and unity, and the fate of the kingdom is in peril. The brave young heroes of Mythe must now set out on a desperate journey to the dragon's castle and recover the Sacred Cheese!... more info

SKU: PGTLDR1612000

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Operation Kindergarten

A kindergarten-themed, dice-placement, war/euro hybrid board game for 2-4 board gamers that appreciate high interaction and challenging tactical decisions. In the grim world of kindergarten, where juice is the fuel of chaos, where the playground is the ultimate arena, where the struggle against tantrums is real, the teachers, the guardians of order remain ever faithful, ready to jump in and take the ball away, if they have to. While the situation in the battlefield appears calm, hostilities may break out at any moment. The yard remains rife with dangers, and the tribes of kindergardeners shall be unleashed upon each other any minute now. Who will prevail in the ultimate battle between light and darkness, between order and chaos, between... more info


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Caesar Hadrian is no longer waging war against the barbarians, but building cities and fortifications to ensure a lengthy domination of the Roman culture and wealth. The southern part of Britain is under Roman domination, and Caesar has already begun the construction of Hadrian's Wall to protect the empire from invasions from the North. Together with the wall Caesar has ordered the founding of a new city which will remind the locals of the glory of Rome. He has appointed six of his most trusted men to take resources and workers from Rome and to build the city together - but in the end only one of them will be appointed Praetor and rule the Province in the name of Caesar.... more info


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Quantum Revised Edition


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Town Center

Build. Grow. Create. Alban Viard's modern classic, a fun, quick, challenging 30 60 min. city building game for 1-4(-8) players. In Town Center, players build a city - in particular, the town center. They add cubes on their personal board and try to arrange them as best as possible in order to score the most victory points. Each cube represents a different type of module. Flats, shops, offices, generators, lifts, car parks, town hall can be built and stacked during the course of the game. Each module generates influence on adjacent land and on cubes directly below or above. Each round, players will gain two cubes of different colors through a non random mechanism, build them on... more info


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