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Boss Monster 2 The Next Level

Boss Monster 2 is an all-new set of 160 cards, playable as a standalone game or as an expansion to the core set. Dark Heroes and Hybrid Heroes raise the stakes, while Epic Spells and "cycling" rooms give players more options and flexibility. It features everything that made the best-selling original a hit with players of all skill levels, adding fresh new mechanics and exciting new options. With more Bosses, more unique cards, and more ways to slay hapless adventurers, Boss Monster 2 will take your dungeon to The Next Level!... more info

SKU: BGM0003

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Boss Monster Collector Box

The Box also includes 11 all new Boss Monster cards that are exclusive to the box. The cards include one all new Boss and 6 new room cards, each featuring the new "portable" keyword, which will allow players new levels of flexibility in designing their dungeons.... more info


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Boss Monster Expansion Crash Landing

An alien spaceship has crash landed in the world of Arcadia! Boss Monster: Crash Landing is a miniexpansion for the hit dungeon building card game, allowing players to expand their Boss Monster game to 5-6 players. Crash Landing introduces an all new treasure type, new heroes, new Bosses, and new rooms powered by alien monsters and technological traps never before seen in the world of Boss Monster! Crash Landing is a mini-expansion of 45 cards. It requires Boss Monster 1 or Boss Monster: The Next Level to play. It is fully compatible with all Boss Monster sets. Contains: 45 new Cards that expands the game to 5-6 players and one rule sheet.... more info


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Boss Monster Expansion Tools of the Hero Kind

Brotherwise Games will release Tools of Hero-Kind, a new mini-expansion for its 8-Bit-style card game Boss Monster, on February 5, 2014.  The first two printings of the core game sold out at the distributor level within days of release, and the third printing has shipped.  Brotherwise told ICV2 that they have shipped over 17,000 units to distribution, of the over 22,000 copies in print.  Tools of Hero-Kind will introduce the new Items card type to the game.  Items can make those pesky dungeon-invading heroes more of a threat, but they also offer Boss Monsters new tactical options.  The set will include 20 Item cards, 4 Advanced Room cards, and 2 Spell cards.  As it is an expansion, it requires the Boss... more info

SKU: BGM0002

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Boss Monster Implements of Destruction

The gloves are off and the gauntlets are on! Implements of DestructionTM is Boss Monster's first expansion since Tools of Hero-KindTM to feature the popular Items cards! Items attach to Heroes as they come into town, granting them powers and bonuses and making them much tougher to slay. Implements of DestructionTM features 5 new Bosses and 24 new Items. It's playable with Boss Monster or Boss Monster 2, and it includes Explorer Items for your customers' 5-6 player Boss Monster: Crash LandingTM games!... more info


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Boss Monster Playmat

Boss Monster Playmat 24.25 x 14.25... more info


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Boss Monster The Dungeon Building Card Game (Elites16)

Inspired by classic video games, Boss Monster challenges you to become a villain, build a dungeon, lure in adventurers, and destroy them! Boss Monster is a standalone card game that challenges 2-4 players to become videogame-style villains and build deadly side-scrolling dungeons. Players compete to see who can lure and destroy the most adventurers. But beware! You must make your dungeon as deadly as it is attractive, or the puny heroes might kill you first! Independent publisher Brotherwise Games launched Boss Monster via crowdfunding site, where it raised $215,000 in pre-orders within 30 days. That makes it one of the Top 10 tabletop game Kickstarter projects of all time, and the #1 original card game project on Kickstarter! Now in... more info


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Unearth, a dice placement game for 2-4 players, is easy to learn but full of surprises that will engage gamers at all levels. In Unearth, five dice represent your team of Delvers. Players take turns rolling dice to claim Ruins, using Delver Cards to enhance their efforts. High rolls help players claim Ruins to earn points. Low rolls allow players to uncover Stones, used to rebuild ancient Wonders that grant special abilities. Ruins and Wonders can each help you win, but players must decide how to balance these two paths to victory.... more info


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Unearth Launch Kit

Buy 5, get 1 free with promos and display... more info


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