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Pathfinder Player Core Sketch Cover (P2) Paizo PZO12001-SK
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Pathfinder Player Core Sketch Cover (P2)

Item # PZO12001-SK
UPC # 9781640785557 - EACH
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Pathfinder Player Core Sketch Cover (P2)
The Pathfinder Player Core presents a new entry point to Pathfinder Second Edition, with everything a player needs to learn how to play the game! Choose from eight ancestries, eight complete character classes, and hundreds of feats and spells to make unique characters ready for deadly adventures in a world beset by magic and evil! This 464-page hardcover tome is the definitive rules resource for all Pathfinder Second Edition players!Pathfinder Player Core is the first core rulebook for the fully remastered Pathfinder Second Edition RPG! These rules are compatible with previous Pathfinder Second Edition rulebooks, incorporating comprehensive errata and rules updates and some of the best additions from later books into new, easier-to-access volumes with new presentations inspired by years of player feedback. Along with the GM Core, Monster Core, and Player Core 2, these books provide a new foundation for the future of tabletop gaming! This sketch cover edition features a beautiful image of the original pencil sketch of the Pathfinder Player Core cover by superstar artist Wayne Reynolds, and is offered exclusively to Paizos hobby retail partners for the first 120 days of release.
  Product Name Pathfinder Player Core Sketch Cover (P2)
  Brand NamePaizo
  Item #PZO12001-SK
  Case Count1