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Alexia, the Undying – WARMACHINE Mercenary Solo (metal) Privateer Press PIP41165
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Alexia, the Undying – WARMACHINE Mercenary Solo (metal)

Item # PIP41165
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Alexia, the Undying – WARMACHINE Mercenary Solo (metal)
Shadows obscure her every movement, but the name Alexia Ciannor is known across the war-torn Iron Kingdoms. She has garnered a reputation for pitilessness, blasphemy, and sorcerous power that seems out of proportion for her youth. There is no question she has chosen a side in the looming conflict, and she stands with humanity, much to the surprise of those who once sought to end her. She brings the undead against a greater evil, and the Witchfires power flows through her. Those who look into her cold eyes perceive a woman who seems no longer entirely human or mortal.
TRADE POINTS: The newest iteration of Alexia, this version, called the Undying, is a Mercenary solo that will also work for Cygnar and Khador. She is armed with the Witchfire, a weapon particularly powerful at disrupting Infernal Horrors, severing their tie with the mortal realm. She remains a potent spellcaster and is doubly effective while in the presence of various undead creations she has summoned to defend humanity.
  Product NameAlexia, the Undying – WARMACHINE Mercenary Solo (metal)
  Brand NamePrivateer Press
  Item #PIP41165
  Case Count6