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Anno 1800 Thames & Kosmos TAK680428

Anno 1800

Item # TAK680428
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Thames & Kosmos
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Anno 1800
Anno 1800 is an epic city-building strategy board gamebased on Ubisofts popular PC game of the same name.Players strive to build up their industrial might as theydevelop an island society at the dawn of the industrialage. Investing in their nautical fleets enables trade andexpansion to new territories in the old and new worlds,but players must focus above all on maintaining thehealth and happiness of the citizens of their homeislands. While the population is initially satisfied withfood and clothing, in time it will demand valuable luxurygoods. Players must plan their development strategiesand supply chains carefully while keeping an eye on thedistribution of specialized roles within their territories.The objective of the game is to plan for an evendistribution of farmers, workers, craftsmen, engineers,and investors. But beware, because the competitionnever sleeps. Players may steal new achievements outfrom under each others noses at any time! Whoseisland will prosper and whose will fall?
  Product NameAnno 1800
  Brand NameThames & Kosmos
  Item #TAK680428
  Case Count6