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Argent Saga TCG: Set 3 - Ascension Booster Alter Reality Games ARG19018
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Argent Saga TCG: Set 3 - Ascension Booster

Item # ARG19018
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Alter Reality Games
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Argent Saga TCG: Set 3 - Ascension Booster
The battle for Argos comes to an epic conclusion with Argent Saga; Ascension! The five towers have fallen, and with that, Jemial unleashes his secret plan. He releases his father, the Silver King, from his prison of the Argetn Tower, but at a deadly cost. With Metaial, the Silver King's return, the people of Argos must set aside their differences and work together to take down this common foe! Metaial won't go down that easily however, as he calls upon the darkness in one's heart, forcing Liam, Mei-Yu, and others to become his Silver Generals. While Metaial gives new powers to his new Generals, the Celestial, Vabriel, gives up her remaining power, allowing others to take on new and powerful forms in the shape of Omega Units! These Units have fantastical abilities like you've never seen before! This is the end of Argos as you know it. And not everyone will make it out alive!

Each Booster Box of Ascension contains 24 Booster Packs and 1 of 6 Box Topper Cards!

Booster Set 3: Ascension
- 113 Card Set
- 103 Brand New Cards
- 59 Common Cards
- 59 Foil Variant Common Cards
- 21 Rare Cards
- 13 Super Rare Cards
- 8 Argent Rare Cards
- 6 Secret Rare Cards
- 9 Serial Cards Numbered 1-500
- 6 Box Topper Cards
  Product NameArgent Saga TCG: Set 3 - Ascension Booster
  Brand NameAlter Reality Games
  Item #ARG19018
  Case Count12