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BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Spaceship Pack: Viper MK.VII (Pegasus/Veteran) Ares Games AREBSG105B
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BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Spaceship Pack: Viper MK.VII (Pegasus/Veteran)

Item # AREBSG105B
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BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Spaceship Pack: Viper MK.VII (Pegasus/Veteran)
In Battlestar Galactica - Starship Battles, players take control ofColonial and Cylon spaceships and face each other in furious dogfights anddaring missions. The innovative game system features easy to learn rules, a unique set ofmaneuver cards for each spaceship, and two exclusive devices - the control panel(included in the Starter Set or as a separate accessory - BSG501A) and the rotating miniature base(included in each Spaceship Pack).Each Battlestar Galactica - Spaceship Pack is a ready-to-play model, painted and assembled.The Viper Mk. VII is a great improvement over the Viper Mk. II, with superior battle capabilities andbetter flight information for the pilot. After the Cylons infiltrated a fatal backdoor in the CommandNavigation Program, most Mk. VIIs have beenretrofitted, losing part of their performing features.Isolated from the rest of the fleet, the pilots onboard of Battlestar Pegasus have been fightingan exhausting battle against the Cylons, and theystarted to paint kill marks on their Vipers to keepup the crew morale.Pilot cards for Noel "Narcho" Allison are includedin this pack.
  Product NameBATTLESTAR GALACTICA Spaceship Pack: Viper MK.VII (Pegasus/Veteran)
  Brand NameAres Games
  Item #AREBSG105B
  Case Count12