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Best Left Buried: Beneath the Missing Sea SoulMuppet Publishing SMPBLB00005
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Best Left Buried: Beneath the Missing Sea

Item # SMPBLB00005
UPC # 9781399904810 - EACH
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Best Left Buried: Beneath the Missing Sea
FOR THE FIRST TIME, BEST LEFT BURIED HAS ABSCONDED FROM THE CRYPT! Beneath the Missing Sea is part source-book, part adventure for the fantasy horror game Best Left Buried. It details the bleak, bizarre landscape of the suddenly barren Andrussian Sea and the somber, opportunistic populace inhabiting the exposed seafloor. This adventure is a hexcrawl dropping Cryptdiggers into the dried basin of a missing sea and allows them to adventure across its desolate floor. There are more than a half-dozen landmarks on the way, each complete with detailed scenarios, characters and a multitude of quests for adventurous types to undertake. Any Cryptdigger worth their sea-salt likely wants to make the most of the fortunes and treasures yielded by the recently exposed seafloor before attempting to solve the mysteries of the barren sea. Good luck and keep your wits about you, Cryptdiggers!
  Product NameBest Left Buried: Beneath the Missing Sea
  Brand NameSoulMuppet Publishing
  Item #SMPBLB00005