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Chuck Dogwood - Riot Quest Guard (metal) Privateer Press PIP63021
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Chuck Dogwood - Riot Quest Guard (metal)

Item # PIP63021
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Chuck Dogwood - Riot Quest Guard (metal)
How much wood would Chuck Dogwood chuck if Chuck Dogwood could chuck wood? Youll never know-because hell teleport your keister into the sun. TRADE POINTS: Chuck is a Guard-class Hero who specializes in teleportation...just not with great accuracy. Like all Guards, Chuck can help provide Cover to other heroes in his Crew, but he can also Teleport them across the Arena to a random Treasure Beacon. Similarly, any enemy Chuck manages to hit with his staff is also teleported away to a random Beacon. So, if youre looking for a hero who adds an aura of controlled unpredictability, Chuck is your man.
  Product NameChuck Dogwood - Riot Quest Guard (metal)
  Brand NamePrivateer Press
  Item #PIP63021
  Case Count6