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D&D 5th Edition: Deck of Many Things Wizards Of The Coast WCDD5DMT
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D&D 5th Edition: Deck of Many Things

UPC # 00195166249865 - CASE
UPC # 9780786969173 - EACH
Release Date: 01/05/2024
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Wizards Of The Coast
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D&D 5th Edition: Deck of Many Things
The Deck of Many Things is a famous DUNGEONS & DRAGONS magic item whose effects are as spectacular as they are unpredictable. Within this box, youll find the Book of Many Things, which illuminates the decks mysteries and provides everything Dungeon Masters need to use it in their campaigns. This book includes advice, adventure locations, and new monsters for Dungeon Masters, as well as character options, magic items, and organizations for players, all inspired by the deck. This set also includes lavishly illustrated cards for the Deck of Many Things, including additional cards that triple the decks size, allowing you to build the perfect deck for your campaign. An accompanying guidebook shows how to use the cards as a traditional oracle deck or to create D&D adventures inspired by the cards.
  Product NameD&D 5th Edition: Deck of Many Things
  Brand NameWizards Of The Coast
  Item #WCDD5DMT
  Case Count6