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D&D: The Making of Original Dungeons & Dragons (1970-1977) Wizards Of The Coast WCDD5MODD
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D&D: The Making of Original Dungeons & Dragons (1970-1977)

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Release Date: 06/18/2024
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Wizards Of The Coast
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D&D: The Making of Original Dungeons & Dragons (1970-1977)
D&D: The Making of Original Dungeons & Dragons (1970-1977)
D&D: The Making of Original Dungeons & Dragons (1970-1977)
Product Configuration: 4 books per case
Here is the ultimate record of how Dungeons & Dragons came to be. The Making of Original D&D is an extraordinary collection of rare documents that shed light on D&D’s origin story. Uncover materials never released to the public, including Gary Gygax’s first draft of original D&D, and early published writings such as the 1974 original D&D “white box” booklets and supplements. Each document is featured alongside insightful commentary from one of the game’s foremost historians, Jon Peterson.

  • Unearth the very first draft of original D&D, never released to the public until now. Crafted on Gygax’s home typewriter, this 1973 document contains handwritten notes by both Gygax and Arneson.
  • Discover approximately 30 early articles and rare documents that lay the foundation for modern D&D, including unpublished correspondence between Gygax and Arneson.
  • Peruse a remarkable collection of magazine and fanzine articles, many of which are no longer publicly available or remain undiscovered by D&D historians and fans of classic D&D.
  • Flip through facsimiles of all the first printings of Original D&D, compiled in a single book for the first time in D&D’s publishing history.
  • Explore the creation and development of the original 1974 game with insightful commentary by Jon Peterson, one of D&D’s foremost historians.
  • Commemorate our 50th anniversary with this homage to D&D's past. We invite you to look back on D&D’s history with a discerning eye as we celebrate how far D&D has come. Here’s to 50 years, and 50 more!
  Product NameD&D: The Making of Original Dungeons & Dragons (1970-1977)
  Brand NameWizards Of The Coast
  Case Count4