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Item # HSBF9449
UPC # 195166256214 - EACH
Release Date: 08/01/2024
Order Due Date: 06/28/2024
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It’s like that game Fork Marry Kill, but your choices are more forked up. The Fork Milk Kidnap party game is the NSFW adults-only game that will have you and your friends making questionable choices. Each round, one player flips over 3 Action cards and 3 Object cards. Then everyone secretly decides which Object they would pair with each Action. For example, who would you tongue bathe? All 7 dwarfs, Florida Man, or the player of your choice? Everyone takes turns revealing all 3 of their pairings and explaining their reasoning. Expect some banter. And judgement. Players score a point when their pairings match the majority’s answers. The first to score 5 points wins! Looking for funny ice breaker games for adults or adult party games for game night? For ages 17 and up, the Fork Milk Kidnap game is a fun adult game for parties, girls nights in, and more.

Includes 200 Action cards, 200 Object cards, 3 Number cards (1, 2, 3), 30 Number markers (1, 2, 3), 33 Letter cards (A, B, C), and game rules.
  • IT’S LIKE FMK, BUT MORE FORKED UP: The Fork Milk Kidnap game is the parlor game of Fork Marry Kill with a forked-up twist! For ages 17 and up
  • CREATE 3 HILARIOUSLY UNHINGED SCENARIOS: Flip 3 Action cards and 3 Object cards. Then everybody secretly pairs up each Action and Object card to choose who (or what) they’d fork, milk, kidnap, and more
  • MAKE QUESTIONABLE CHOICES: Would you fork Abe Lincoln? Start a cult with the player to your left? Kidnap a kinky mime? Take turns revealing all 3 of your pairings and explaining what the fork you were thinking
  • THERE IS NO JUDGE. YOU WILL BE JUDGED, THOUGH: No judge, no voting! In this game, majority wins. Will your friends make the same forked-up choices as you? If so, you all score 1 point! Score 5 points first to win
  • ADULTS-ONLY, NSFW PARTY GAME: This not safe for work game is a shamelessly raunchy party game for game nights to remember. It’s easy to learn and quick to play—jump right into a game. Play with up to 10 players
  • 400 FORKIN’ HYSTERICAL CARDS: Includes 200 Action cards and 200 Object cards, so the pee-your-pants-laughing combos keep coming. With such replayability, you can get weird with your friends again and again
  • SIZE MATTERS: The Fork Milk Kidnap game has a compact package, so it’s great for taking the party on the road. It’s a fun portable game for bachelorette parties, gatherings with friends, and road trips  
Ages 17 and up
For 3 to 10 players.
  Brand NameHasbro
  Item #HSBF9449
  Case Count6