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Freedom Squadron Plans & Operations Manual Evil Beagle Games EBG01001
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Freedom Squadron Plans & Operations Manual

Item # EBG01001
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Evil Beagle Games
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Freedom Squadron Plans & Operations Manual
Heads Up, Commandos! General Steel issued the mandate – stop VENOMs latest scheme at all costs! Mirage gathered the initial intel, Top Boss crunched the numbers, and Uplink sent out the call. Now Sundown is calling you onto the Hornet so he can get you to the rendezvous with the rest of your mission team. Now its up to you and your fellow Commandos to work up the plan, insert into the op-zone, bypass security, talk your way past the front office people, hack the systems, and take out the Pythons you find guarding that last vault. It all comes down to making a good plan and executing a solid operation! The Freedom Squadron Plans & Operations Manual is everything you need to generate adventures and scenarios, as well as learn all about the world of VENOM Assault and Freedom Squadron: The new and highly innovative Plans & Operations rules, developed by Sean Patrick Fannon to enable GMs and players to narratively work together to create immersive, multi-faceted "mission montages" that use all of a teams skills and resources while encouraging maximum narrative creativity for each player. A Mission Generator that works for Freedom Squadron or any modern post-modern setting featuring military and special operative heroes. A richly detailed history of the world of Freedom Squadron and VENOM, with a Timeline that covers everything from pre-history all the way through the end of World War III and the founding of Freedom Squadron. A system of special Mission Rewards that includes a new Contacts system, enabling players to develop special connections and relationships with specialists who can help them in future missions. Files and stats for lots of VENOM bad guys as well as Mission Specialists that can be called in to fill gaps in a teams capabilities. Grab this manual and get cracking on missions against VENOM and the other threats that endanger the whole world. Welcome to Freedom Squadron!
  Product NameFreedom Squadron Plans & Operations Manual
  Brand NameEvil Beagle Games
  Item #EBG01001
  Case Count1