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Gorghadratron – UberCorp International Monster (metal/resin) Privateer Press PIP51064
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Gorghadratron – UberCorp International Monster (metal/resin)

Item # PIP51064
Release Date: 10/15/2019
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Privateer Press
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Gorghadratron – UberCorp International Monster (metal/resin)
Nothing demonstrates the military manufacturing capabilities of UberCorp International better than its gigantic weaponized hardware platforms, each customized to monstrous configurations. Gorghadratron brings the raw obliterating power of the so-called "Planet Eaters" to anyone with sufficient funds to commit to an exclusive purchasers license. Built with innovative polymers and alloys derived from recovered xenoexobiological materials, Gorghadratron is as durable as it is lethal, with longevity assured by the recommended 10-year UberCorp maintenance contract, purchased separately. UberCorp cannot be held responsible for any collateral damage incurred by overloading Gorghadratrons reactors.
TRADE POINTS: Gorghadratron adds many things to a Destroyer players arsenal. Its Flak Field ability is capable of sweeping units off the battlefield with ease but must be used carefully since it does not distinguish between friend and foe. It has Motivator, which speeds allied units across the city, and Power Sink to take advantage of opponents power usage. When it goes Hyper, Gorghadratron unleashes multiple powerful ranged attacks in a turn, and its reactors put out so much radiation that enemy monsters cannot be healed or rebuilt.
  Product NameGorghadratron – UberCorp International Monster (metal/resin)
  Brand NamePrivateer Press
  Item #PIP51064
  Case Count6