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Applying Account Credits

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On the Southern Hobby websites My Accounts page there are now two new options below the Open Invoices Section. “Pay Open Invoice” and “Apply Open Credits”

The Pay Open Invoices section will now display any credits or unapplied cash amounts on a customer’s accounts. When going to pay invoices with a Credit Card or ACH, you can now select any of these credit amounts to be subtracted off your payment amount. When you submit the payment your credit card will be charged the total amount due of the invoices selected minus the total credit amounts selected. All invoices and credits will be applied and cleared off your account in 1-2 business days.

The “Apply Open Credits?” section is to be used in two scenarios. If your invoice is not due yet but you would like for SHD to go ahead and apply any open credits to your open invoices or if your total credit amounts are greater than your total invoices due then you will use this section. First you will select all the credit transactions you are wanting to apply then select the invoice #’s you are wanting to apply them to and when you hit submit it will send a reconciliation email to the customers website login email as well as SHD accounting department. Please allow SHD 1-2 business days to apply these credits to the invoices selected.b