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Junji Ito × Yoshiki Fujimoto TOMIE Collaboration Statue Kotobukiya KBYGN028
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Junji Ito × Yoshiki Fujimoto TOMIE Collaboration Statue

Item # KBYGN028
UPC # 190526061392 - EACH
Release Date: 06/30/2025
Order Due Date: 08/13/2024
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Junji Ito × Yoshiki Fujimoto TOMIE Collaboration Statue
Since its debut in 1986, "Tomie" has stood as the quintessential work of horror manga by the masterful Junji Ito, captivating audiences worldwide. Now, in an exciting collaboration, Tomie comes to life as a statue. Mamegyorai (Ampus, Inc), in collaboration with renowned horror manga artist Junji Ito, is proud to announce the release of a collaboration statue featuring "Tomie", the iconic debut and masterpiece of Ito's career. Under the meticulous supervision of Junji Ito himself, acclaimed sculptor Yoshiki Fujimoto has crafted the prototype and color sample for this extraordinary product. Endorsed by Junji Ito as the "definitive edition," this perfect rendition of Tomie has finally come to life. We kindly ask for your assistance in sharing this exciting news with your audience. Please find below the details of the product for your consideration. Thank you for your support. "Tomie," the debut and magnum opus of horror manga virtuoso Junji Ito, has continued to captivate audiences worldwide since its initial appearance in 1986. Now, she emerges in the form of a statue. Under the meticulous supervision of Junji Ito himself, sculptor Yoshiki Fujimoto has undertaken the prototype and color sample production. Both artists being fans of eachothers's work, a dream collaboration has come to fruition. With graceful, white arms, legs, and fingers stretching elegantly, down to each meticulously crafted nail and tip of the claw, Tomie exudes a calculated beauty. Confidently striding forward, with a gesture of sweeping back her long hair, she emits an aura that mesmerizes all who behold her. Not only does Fujimoto excel in sculpting, but his skillful coloring is also a highlight. The subtle blush of color on her cheeks, fingertips, and delicate skin hints at a seductive allure. Beneath her feet lies a stark contrast: other incarnations of Tomie, obscured by flesh and black hair. Among them, a blood-soaked Tomie gazes with a resentful glare at the elegant Tomie gracefully treading upon her. Is she plotting revenge, or assassination? The dramatic base suggests the anticipation of a new tragedy. Embrace the mesmerizing beauty tinged with an eerie allure of Tomie's statue, and welcome her into your collection.
  Product NameJunji Ito × Yoshiki Fujimoto TOMIE Collaboration Statue
  Brand NameKotobukiya
  Item #KBYGN028
  Case Count6