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Karkinos - Monsterpocalypse Necroscourge Monster Privateer Press PIP51154

Karkinos - Monsterpocalypse Necroscourge Monster

Item # PIP51154
Release Date: 10/15/2021
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Privateer Press
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Karkinos - Monsterpocalypse Necroscourge Monster
The invasion has begun-the Necroscourge have begun to lay siege to the battle-torn cities of our planet! When Galamaxus landed on Earth, one of its first missions was to seek out biomass and convert it into the next Necroscourge monster. Facing off with a Triton monster, Galamaxus converted its prey using the Necroscourge beings swarming its body to overtake and repurpose the crustacean into the monster known as Karkinos. Karkinos is an avatar of destruction, leaving everything in its wake decimated.TRADE POINTS: Karkinos is a monster that can join any Destoyers force with a focus on durability and hard-hitting attacks. The nanites that transformed Karkinos in death granted it Fireproof plating, and it uses that advantage to Grapple its foes into the very fires it casually moves through. When on offense, Karkinos Ravages its opponent, then Goes for the Throat of its disabled prey.
  Product NameKarkinos - Monsterpocalypse Necroscourge Monster
  Brand NamePrivateer Press
  Item #PIP51154
  Case Count6