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Lamenter – Infernal Light Horror (metal/resin) Privateer Press PIP38003
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Lamenter – Infernal Light Horror (metal/resin)

Item # PIP38003
UPC # 875582024542 - EACH
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Privateer Press
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Lamenter – Infernal Light Horror (metal/resin)
Though considered a minor horror compared to its more hulking and massive counterparts, the lamenter makes up for its size with a streak of unmistakable cruelty. The very appearance of these creatures is an assault on the mind-it can shatter sanity and fray nerves. A lamenter often toys with its victims needlessly, impaling them with its wickedly sharp impaling limbs. Each is surrounded by a swarm of invisible floating parasites that gnaw on the souls of its enemies, inflicting mental torment. TRADE POINTS: The Lamenter is a Light Horror that is dangerous in melee combat with its pair of piercers. Its signature ability is Soul Parasites, which can cripple the attack rolls of nearby living enemy models, making it challenging to remove at close range.
  Product NameLamenter – Infernal Light Horror (metal/resin)
  Brand NamePrivateer Press
  Item #PIP38003
  Case Count6