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Magical Kitties Save the Day 2E: Power Up! Atlas Games ATG3121
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Magical Kitties Save the Day 2E: Power Up!

Item # ATG3121
UPC # 9781589782150 - EACH
Order Due Date: 07/19/2024
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Magical Kitties Save the Day 2E: Power Up!
The World of Power Up!
Original Magical Kitties creator Matthew J. Hanson returns to help you take your series to places you never imagined! Are you ready to confront the Mecha-Raccoon? Journey to alien planets? Leap through time? Confront the dark truths of your secret origin? Then you're ready to power up!
Magical Kitties Power Up! also includes new rules for any series, including thirty-six brand new powers plus new bonus features for the powers you already love. Here are the rules for kitties who can control shadows, create magical art, or eat anything.

New Powers
- New Magical Powers
- New Bonus Features for Old Powers

Optional Rules
- Working Together
- Power Quirks
- Beyond Level 10

Playing With Powers
- Secret Origins
- Designing Your Own Powers
- Starting With More Power

Epic Series
- Making it Epic
- Epic Stunts
- Boost Your Starting {ower
- Epic Problems
- Leaving Home
- Launching an Epic Series

Epic Threats
- Epic Problems
- Epic Foes
  Product NameMagical Kitties Save the Day 2E: Power Up!
  Brand NameAtlas Games
  Item #ATG3121