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Menite Archon – WARMACHINE Mercenary Archon Solo (metal/resin) Privateer Press PIP41162
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Menite Archon – WARMACHINE Mercenary Archon Solo (metal/resin)

Item # PIP41162
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Privateer Press
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Menite Archon – WARMACHINE Mercenary Archon Solo (metal/resin)
Menoth is known by many names-the Lawgiver, the Lawbringer, the Creator of Man, the Hunter of the Wurm, Wallmaker, the Masked Giant. In the last few decades, Menoth has returned in force to Immoren, revealing his anger over neglect and igniting the fires of zealotry. Now Menoth has sent incarnations of divine power to fight in his stead. These figures appear amid shrouds of fire and auras of light to inspire soldiers of the Great Crusade and reassure them that they will not be abandoned in their hour of need.TRADE POINTS: Unlike the Morrowan Archon, the Menite Archon focuses on offense over defense. Still incredibly durable, the Menite Archon eschews subtlety to bring fiery retribution to its foes in the form of extremely high damage weapons and a slew of aggressive abilities like Fuel for the Flames, which increases the damage of fire attacks from nearby allies.
  Product NameMenite Archon – WARMACHINE Mercenary Archon Solo (metal/resin)
  Brand NamePrivateer Press
  Item #PIP41162
  Case Count6