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Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber Fight in a Box FB060
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Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber

Item # FB060
UPC # 702038258049 - EACH
Order Due Date: 07/19/2024
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Fight in a Box
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Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber
Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber
NOTE: Cover is randomly chosen from those available. All variants contain the same version of the game itself.
A board game of Mysteries & Maze Building!
The Mouse wants to get the Cheese, the Cat wants to get the Mouse, the Cheese wants everyone to get along (it is neutral... it is Swiss), and the Cucumber wants to trap everyone together. In Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber, each character wins differently and who you are is a secret.
On your turn, you pick a tile from the Conveyor Belt to add to the Maze. Your placement may cause other rooms to rotate and force characters to race through the Maze. Careful! If characters collide, the game can end early!

Third in Fight in a Box's Backpack Series, along with Squirrel or Die (FB020) & Hedgehog Hop (FB040).
  Product NameMouse Cheese Cat Cucumber
  Brand NameFight in a Box
  Item #FB060