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Mowang Troops (MULTI Rifle/ Red Fury) Corvus Belli CBG281309-0786

Mowang Troops (MULTI Rifle/ Red Fury)

Item # CBG281309-0786
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Corvus Belli
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Mowang Troops (MULTI Rifle/ Red Fury)
This blister includes one Mowang with two weapon options, MULTI Rifle and Red Fury. This huge Heavy Infantry will be an impassable wall thanks to its great Armor, two wounds and V: No Wound Incapacitation, in addition to its Mimetism. No enemy will get through its iron defence without suffering.
  Product NameMowang Troops (MULTI Rifle/ Red Fury)
  Brand NameCorvus Belli
  Item #CBG281309-0786