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Pathfinder 2 Abomination Vaults Pawn Collection Paizo Publishing PZO1044
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Pathfinder 2 Abomination Vaults Pawn Collection

Item # PZO1044
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Paizo Publishing
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Pathfinder 2 Abomination Vaults Pawn Collection
Dungeon denizens from the Abomination Vaults Adventure Path are ready to rise from the depths and face your players on the tabletop! The Abomination Vaults Pawn Collection features more than 150 creature pawns for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or any tabletop fantasy RPG! Printed on sturdy cardstock, each pawn presents a beautiful full-color image of a monster or NPC from the Abomination Vaults campaign, including creepy aberrations, sneaky hunters, subterranean horrors, and cautious allies that might spell the difference between victory and death in the darkness! The Abomination Vaults Pawn Collection, together with the creatures from the Pathfinder Pawns: Bestiary Box collection or the Pathfinder Pawns Base Assortment, provides pawns for nearly all Abominations Vaults encounters. Each cardstock pawn slots into a size-appropriate plastic base from any of the Bestiary Box collections, making the pawns easy to mix with traditional metal or plastic miniatures. With tons of distinct images, the Abomination Vaults Pawn Collection brings to life the enemies and allies from all three adventures of the Abomination Vaults Adventure Path.Sales Points- Supports the first-ever introductory Pathfinder Second Edition Adventure Path, a major focus of Paizos 2020 publishing calendar, with ties to the new Pathfinder Beginner Box and tons of pawns suitable for players and Game Masters alike.- Beautiful full-color art on both sides of every pawn!
  Product NamePathfinder 2 Abomination Vaults Pawn Collection
  Brand NamePaizo Publishing
  Item #PZO1044