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Pathfinder 2 Advanced Player\'s Guide Spell Deck Paizo Publishing PZO2221

Pathfinder 2 Advanced Player's Guide Spell Deck

Item # PZO2221
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Paizo Publishing
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Pathfinder 2 Advanced Player's Guide Spell Deck
Expand the array of magic at your fingertips with the Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide Spell Deck! This must-have accessory for spellcasting characters contains more than 150 spell reference cards, containing the spells from every tradition and all focus spells from the Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide in one place, giving you immediate access to key game details without flipping pages. Players can easily arrange and plan their spells within moments, and a quick scan of the cards presents a caster's tactical options at a glance. The possibilities are endless, but Pathfinder Spell Cards let you master the mysteries of magic!Sales Points- Answering more than a decade of player and retailer requests, Pathfinder Spell Cards are among the most-demanded accessories weve ever made.- Supports the Advanced Players Guide, traditionally Pathfinders best-selling product beyond the Core Rulebook.- Spell cards are popular accessories with players, who outnumber Game Masters 5 to 1, creating a huge potential market of customers (because GMs will want them too!).- Spells feature in every Pathfinder game session; cutting down page flipping and book reference on events that occur every combat round is a huge benefit to all Pathfinder campaigns.
  Product NamePathfinder 2 Advanced Player's Guide Spell Deck
  Brand NamePaizo Publishing
  Item #PZO2221