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Pathfinder Player Companion: Chronicle of Legends Paizo Publishing PZO9496
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Pathfinder Player Companion: Chronicle of Legends

Item # PZO9496
UPC # 9781640781368 - EACH
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Paizo Publishing
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Pathfinder Player Companion: Chronicle of Legends
The storys not over yet! The Pathfinder Chronicles detail exploits and discoveries from members of the Pathfinder Society from all over Golarion. These include tales of great heroes capable of fabulous feats of might, magical relics that grow in strength alongside the heroes that wield them, and forgotten magic locked away due its dangerous power. Pathfinder Player Companion: Chronicle of Legends is your chance to make these tales a reality with powerful new options for your character! This player-focused volume provides new class options, capstones, spells, and magic items to help you make the most of your character. The Pathfinder RPG has been a leading tabletop brand since its launch in 2008. More than 100,000 gamers play in active Pathfinder RPG campaigns. Pathfinders monthly Adventure Path product enjoys more than 10,000 readers, making it the best-selling monthly print RPG product on the market. Rules content sanctioned for official play in Paizos popular Pathfinder Society Organized Play mega-campaign, with more than 85,000 players all over the world! There are an average of five players to every RPG Game Master. Pathfinder Player Companion products are aimed at the larger player audience, providing key information to help players survive and thrive!
  Product NamePathfinder Player Companion: Chronicle of Legends
  Brand NamePaizo Publishing
  Item #PZO9496
  Case Count1