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Sovereign\'s Chain WizKids WZK73762
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Sovereign's Chain

Item # WZK73762
UPC # 634482737620 - EACH
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Sovereign's Chain
Sovereigns Chain, a strategic, cutthroat card game, is so named due to the class cards played in front of players, forming chains. You can play cards onto your own chain or those of your opponents. While most cards are played faceup, activating their abilities, some can be played facedown to be activated later. Class cards come in two suits, stars and planets, and to win, you must have the highest difference in points between these two suits when someones chain reaches seven cards. To add a wrinkle to the game, a small deck of Event cards is included, with unique effects that change the game completely. Components: 1 Rulebook, 12 Shield Tokens, 20 Modifier Tokens, 20 Suit Tokens, 4 Reference Cards, 15 Event Cards, 70 Class Cards.
  Product NameSovereign's Chain
  Brand NameWizKids
  Item #WZK73762
  Case Count12