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Spy Club Renegade Game Studios RGS0816
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Spy Club

Item # RGS0816
UPC # 850505008168 - EACH
Release Date: 07/18/2020
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Sold As: EACH
Renegade Game Studios
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Spy Club
Find clues and catch the culprit like your favorite neighborhood detectives. Work together in this cooperative game to confirm clues and uncover the mystery. But watch out! Don’t let the suspect interfere or escape before you can crack the case. Unlock new adventures and other secrets that change the game every time you play. With 40 replayable modules and a way to play 5 games connected together, you’ll always have fun stories to tell and new content to explore.
  Product NameSpy Club
  Brand NameRenegade Game Studios
  Item #RGS0816
  Case Count1