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Survinve the Badlands Cardography Deck Creature Curation CCIACD004
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Survinve the Badlands Cardography Deck

Item # CCIACD004
UPC # 645318792270 - EACH
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Creature Curation
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Survinve the Badlands Cardography Deck
The deranged and raving mad King Kaldor has captured your party within his catacombs. For entering into his Greyskrull domain, he has sentenced your party to trial by dungeon! The trial will not be easy, as the Greyskrulls have set their infamous traps along every possible escape route. Will you manage to escape and survive the Badlands? Or will you drop like the many fallen skeletons youve passed since entering this cavernous dungeon? This is a 52 card dungeon crawl module for use with your favorite roleplaying game. We have created original content for Fate, and Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. The dungeon tile cards can be used in a specific order for the module, in a random dungeon build, or as a story builder for your own setting.The downloadble full color module contains new monsters, new magic items, and new NPCs from the unique fantasy world Revilo.
  Product NameSurvinve the Badlands Cardography Deck
  Brand NameCreature Curation
  Item #CCIACD004
  Case Count12