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TerrainCrate: Adventurers Crate Mantic Games MGKWNS401
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TerrainCrate: Adventurers Crate

Item # MGKWNS401
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Mantic Games
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TerrainCrate: Adventurers Crate
Your party meets in a local tavern. The task is simple; the town guard are irrevocably corrupt and rumour has it that they have confiscated a map leading to an ancient treasure. You break into their barracks in the dead of night and steal it for yourselves – but none of you can make out the forgotten language the map is written in. You take the map to an infamously eccentric bookkeeper, who consults with dusty tomes to translate the writing, in exchange for a share of the treasure. The final location is revealed – the ruins of the Temple of Mescator. Who knows what awaits you there?
  Product NameTerrainCrate: Adventurers Crate
  Brand NameMantic Games
  Item #MGKWNS401
  Case Count1