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HEXA GEAR: Rayblade Impulse [Reloaded] Collector\'s Edition Kotobukiya KBYHG144
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HEXA GEAR: Rayblade Impulse [Reloaded] Collector's Edition

Item # KBYHG144
UPC # 190526056206 - EACH
Release Date: 09/30/2024
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Sold As: EACH
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HEXA GEAR: Rayblade Impulse [Reloaded] Collector's Edition
Model Specifications: The motorcycle-style cockpit can seat a Governor (sold separately). The Rayblade Impulse can convert from its normal Zoatex Mode to a trike in its long-distance Vehicle Mode. In vehicle mode, the front and rear legs are locked down to maintain the form. The kit also includes long versions of the handlebars, seat, and foot pegs so that two Governors or smaller 1/12-scale character models can ride in tandem. Front motorcycle forks, a rear suspension arm, and special tires have also been included as bonus parts to allow the model to convert into a two-wheeled motorcycle. With four connection joints at the base, the large Rayblade units boast a wide range of movement and can be placed in a V shape for even greater poseability. During assembly, 5mm or 3mm connection points can be chosen for the base parts. The 230 mm-long large effect parts are made in glitter-infused clear blue with an effect design printed on both sides. Each of the four blades features a different shape and all can be displayed simultaneously with Rayblade Impulse. All of the 7 wheels (4 types) are made with plastic and sport a cool-looking design. The chain gun on the right side of the head can be detached and carried by Governors. The Collector's Edition also comes with reversed versions to allow weapons to be attached on either side. The kit also includes reversed parts of the grenade launcher and can be equipped on both sides or on other models, just like the chain gun. A total of four different foot parts are included for the front and hind legs, giving this Zoatex HEXA GEAR its iconic beastly look. Claw parts in the standard version colors have also been included as bonus parts for use with the standard version. The model uses both the HEXA G-R.A.M System used across all models in the series, and the standard 3mm and 5mm connection points found in all Kotobukiya original series models, allowing for customization with its own parts, other HEXA GEAR parts, and other series' parts. Included Items: Model ×1; Rayblade Effect Parts (Special Effects Type) A, B, C, D ×1 Each; Different Foot Parts Left/Right ×2 Each; Reversed Chain Gun ×1; Reversed Grenade Launcher ×1; Tandem Seat Unit ×1; Front Unit for Motorcycle Form ×1; Rear Unit for Motorcycle Form ×1; 5mm Connection Point Rayblade Base ×2; Standard Version Color Claw Parts ×1 Set; Archive Card ×1"
  Product NameHEXA GEAR: Rayblade Impulse [Reloaded] Collector's Edition
  Brand NameKotobukiya
  Item #KBYHG144
  Case Count6