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ZOIDS EZ-005 Redler BC Kotobukiya KBYZD164
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ZOIDS EZ-005 Redler BC

Item # KBYZD164
UPC # 190526047877 - EACH
UPC # 4934054045624 - BOX
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ZOIDS EZ-005 Redler BC
Sending reinforcements! This new HMM Zoids kit features REDLER GUYROS EMPIRE Ver. and the BOOSTER CANNON SET in a single package! Clear parts include clear dark purple for the cockpit and primary wings, clear green for the sensors, and new additional clear colorless parts. The highly anticipated freely paintable primary wings are now available exclusively. Add the primary air combat Zoid of the Guylos Empire in the late Western Continental War to your collection today! Features: ·The cockpit hatch on the head can open and close, and hold the included pilot figure. ·The Zoid Core inside the torso is removable. ·The articulated laser blade can be deployed without interfering with the movement of the tail. ·The back intake and nozzle can be replaced with joint caps. The required number of joint caps are included. ·Switch out the parts on the top of the primary wings to install a 3mm connection joint and attach the included optional missile parts. ·Use the 3mm connection points located on the bottom of the cockpit to attach optional parts such as the Small Barrelled Anti-Zoid Laser Rifle or cover parts. ·The 3mm connection point on the bottom of the Booster Cannon can be attached to the dedicated connecting part of Redler's wings or to the design-compatible universal 3mm connection joints. ·The rear fins of the Booster Cannons are articulated and the rear nozzles feature ball joints, allowing for a free range of movement. ·The kit Includes a connector part for the two Booster Cannons. The lower part has a 3mm connection point at the front and a 5mm connection point in the middle, where a 3mm connection joint or point adapter part can be attached. ·Clear parts are made with clear dark purple for the cockpit and primary wings, clear green for the sensors, and additional new clear parts. ·A large selection of newly created decals for emblems and caution marks are included, so users can fine-tune the look of their Zoid.
  Product NameZOIDS EZ-005 Redler BC
  Brand NameKotobukiya
  Item #KBYZD164
  Case Count10