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Don\'t Play This Game: Record Notebook Parable Games PARDPG004EN
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Don't Play This Game: Record Notebook

Item # PARDPG004EN
UPC # 9781915053411 - EACH
Release Date: 12/30/2024
Order Due Date: 06/26/2024
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Parable Games
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Don't Play This Game: Record Notebook
Record your Don't Play This Game (PARDPG002EN) curse to keep the Entity at bay.The Entity wants you document your experience while you play with it. Why? Perhaps to proove it exists, or perhaps as a means to spread its game further, who knows? Youll create a Record as you take part in Events. Sometimes the Entity will instruct you to create Artifacts. These are manifestations of the horror youre experiencing. Artifacts could be photos of abandoned buildings, scrawled messages from a stranger, recordings of strange noises. Whatever they are they should be collected and stored in your Record. Because if you die, the game isnt over...
  Product NameDon't Play This Game: Record Notebook
  Brand NameParable Games
  Item #PARDPG004EN