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here, there, be monsters! SoulMuppet Publishing SMPLB003P
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here, there, be monsters!

Item # SMPLB003P
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SoulMuppet Publishing
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here, there, be monsters!
here, there, be monsters! is a rules-lite response to monster-hunting media from the monsters' point of view. It's both a love letter and a middle finger to stuff like Hellboy (and the BPRD), the SCP Foundation, the Men in Black, the World of Darkness games and the Urban Fantasy genre in general. It is an explicitly queer, antifascist and anti-capitalist game about the monstrous and the weird, in any flavor you want, not as something to be feared, but to be cherished and protected. Play as a diverse crew of monstrous, anomalous or just generally odd beings, fighting against those who would use, abuse or even annihilate you. Create and populate your own supernatural underworld, abnormal gang and extra-dimensional haven. Hunt monster hunters! Punch nazi occultists! Eat the rich! Protect each other! Fight back! Here, there, be monsters! Featuring: A simple tag-based system and quick character creation; 100 pre-made character background options to get you started as fast as you want; Collaborative worldbuilding; Dozens of tables with ideas for characters, factions, places and objects; Optional screenwriting-inspired long-term mechanics with focus on character arcs; Simple resolution mechanics based on rolling 2 six-sided dice (2d6); Completely illustrated and colorful layout. Content notice: This book contains bodies. Lots of bodies, both referenced and illustrated. Some of those bodies are naked. Some of them are monstrous, grotesque, horrific, in many different ways. They were not made with the purpose of being offensive, but if any of that makes you uncomfortable or disturbed, be advised to proceed with caution. There are also mentions of neonazis, billionaires, aristocrats and cops, all of which are supposed to be punched. On the other hand, here there be no elves or spiders whatsoever. writing, design and layout by wendi yu with original art by Lino Arruda; editing by Samuel Mui Shen Ern; project management by Matt Sanders and Zachary Cox; published by SoulMuppet Publishing. Additional collage art by wendi yu; ghoul drawing (p. 54) by CosmicOrrery.
  Product Namehere, there, be monsters!
  Brand NameSoulMuppet Publishing
  Item #SMPLB003P