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SHIVER RPG: Blockbuster Starter Set Parable Games PARSHI020EN
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SHIVER RPG: Blockbuster Starter Set

Item # PARSHI020EN
UPC # 5065005375084 - EACH
Release Date: 07/01/2024
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Parable Games
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SHIVER RPG: Blockbuster Starter Set
SHIVER RPG: Blockbuster Starter Set
Are you a lover of blockbuster cinema? Want to create those big screen moments in your stories on the tabletop? Then SHIVER Blockbuster is perfect for your game night. This starter set contains everything you need to get started with playing SHIVER & includes: A SHIVER Starter Rulebook with all the essential rules you'll need to start playing SHIVER as both a player and Director (GMs) with a gorgeous alternate cover*; A set of dice to get rolling on your SHIVER adventure; A genre Blockbuster story for you to get started playing with; A set of pre-filled character sheets for you specific story; A gorgeous themed box to store it all in. *The SHIVER Starter Rulebook contains all the game rules you need to start playing as well as character creation rules for characters up to level 5. It is perfect for new players starting out with SHIVER. It does not contain any of the expanded information contained in the SHIVER Core Rulebook (PARSHI001EN) in the Toolbox section, which includes, The Bestiary, The Armoury, Starter Adventure, etc. So if you're a GM wanting to jump into the Director's chair with all the tools at your fingertips you may want a copy of the SHIVER Core Book and to use the starter rulebook as a copy to hand out to players to create their characters.
  Product NameSHIVER RPG: Blockbuster Starter Set
  Brand NameParable Games
  Item #PARSHI020EN